Messianic Judaism and the Quaceb

The Quaceb

This comic is not anti semitic. It is about the conflicts between Messianic Judaism and other branches of the faith. Although some of the images and characters seem to cast Judaism in a bad light, it is important to note that the protagonist, Mishnah, represents Jewish people. Although some antagonists in the story wear the star of David, Mishnah also wears a star of David on the back of her shirt(, she touches a mezzuzah(, and goes to the temple. This was never meant to be an anti-semitic work. To the contrary, I hoped it could somehow bring Jewish people closer to Y'shua. I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings about this work. I love Jewish people and care about them very much. This comic is not a criticism of them, but of those who warp the truth to take God's word (especially the gospel) away from His chosen people.